June 24, 2017

Wondering where to start.. June was a whirlwind of emotions for me. From a job promotion pending (felt like forever) to accepting lovers drift apart even if we don't want to. June taught me the importance of self love.. deserves to be on the same pedestal as gaining knowledge. It's scary thinking everything around you is destined to change but reminding yourself things change for the good is a much calmer response than to second guess your every move. What baffles me is the perception of things changing within our day to day lives and we, as imperfectly perfect humans don't even notice! I hope my readers can relate to topics I'm willing to discuss from why I receive one BBQ sauce in the McDs drive thru to how important it is to offering trust, love, honest energy.. becoming self reliant the list is endless. I started this blog to explore, face fears, to type away the thoughts taking up space in my brain. Self centered to say the least.. pretending there isn't bigger problems in the world but an online getaway never hurt anyone right?

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