2, 3, 4 night stand

June 27, 2017

Getting to know someone is the best part of any relationship.. the asking 21 questions like you'll remember the answers. The lets hang out every day until we mirror each other and eat the same food. I've had my fair share of friends with benefits and after the fourth night who keeps count? You realize it's a regret once you reminisce how you truly miss the friend you had before. Is it possible to view someone the same once you've seen them naked? "You have to get it at least three times before you know if you really like it." Let's be clear there's  friends with benefits, smashing when there's nothing else to do, that's like my brother/sister but we're still getting down, booty calls and the least popular boyfriends and girlfriends.  I can admit there's less pressure when relationships are untitled.  There's no answering to anyone, you can go on about your life whether you've spent the night at their place or met up for a finger licking good quickie.What you don't want to do is become oblivious while every night turns into every weekend and every weekend turns to every evening. Or worse pretend your feelings aren't involved..If you never look back on the friendship after crossing the line you're on the right track but remember NIP


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