Levels to Lies.

June 27, 2017

"The truth hurts." I didn't believe that quote until I got older.. Looking back on the experiences I've had so far at 21 what someone says to me goes in one ear out the other while how they made me feel sticks. I've had the pleasure of calling out different liars on their bullshit and vice versa. Just like crime charges (Infractions, misdemeanor, felony) there's different levels to a lie. I've used babysitting as a clutch to stay in so I could binge watch Grace and Frankie on netflix (If you've never heard of it thank me later.) I've lied about staying late at work to meet with a distraction. I've lied about keeping in contact with an old lover while having a completely new one. Everyone has told a lie.. or lies. The annoying part about getting caught in your lies is the moment you imagine all the different outcomes if you kept it real. I'm not promoting becoming a saint, I am far from it. I have skeletons in my closet just like you.  Some people hold secrets they'll never tell a soul including their last day on Earth. I am one of them. It's safe to say everyone deserves the truth. The process of coming face to face with the truth is what can feel like moving mountains. These days I've been living my truth and acknowledging the reality of peoples feelings. Simple things like considering how someone would feel if I did this or that. Does a pretty lie really protect someone? If you're reckless enough it'll feel like the high road to take. In the long run it does more damage than you can handle.





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