Cheating with you was better than on you.

June 29, 2017

They say once a door closes several open. We've all been there.. We've had the you make me wanna leave the one I'm with and start a new relationship with you feeling. How do they know exactly what to say? Isn't it funny how they can make you feel wanted? Like there is no past before you and damn sure none after you. Maybe its the consistency or the fact they're available 24 hours a day.

Suddenly looking into your eyes had a different meaning than just making eye contact. Why is life so much more enjoyable by your side? I wanted to put effort into my outfit for brunch or a movie on Tuesday. (Tuesdays is the only day for movies because its 5$ at artegon and southchase movie theatre, your welcome. The next life tip will surely cost you.)

We think about kissing them. How fast the friendship would turn to ashes if I grabbed your hand.  I started receiving the if you were mine scenarios on and off text messages.

I was nagging about everything my soon to be ex was doing. Holding back the words on my tongue..why can't you be a little like them? Maybe it was the careless attitude but it's only a matter of time until your heart is another game of watch me get that.

Once you let your mind wonder into thinking how things could be different without them there is almost no going back. 

The pedals were fragile, in desperate need of sunlight and water.

The crown was plastic, our root system was built in a nonexistent perfect world.

The joke was on me this grass is a sham, fraud, 100/% counterfeit.

If I cheat with you will I cheat on you too? I was trapped to say the least unsatisfied with the feeling of stepping on this "greener grass."

Before you know it we're comparing both lovers like their in a competition they don't even know about. The prize is a two timing selfish human being.. you.







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