July 1, 2017

Spending the day at Melbourne beach is a cheap vacation. My mind deserved to hear the serene waves. The salt water stinging my eyes wouldn't be so bad. In between my toes could use some sand. A tug of war with the umbrella brought a smile to my face. A tan wouldn't hurt since I looked like the adopted child next to all my hershey kissed siblings. I brought one of my younger brothers Chris and my little sister Lydiana. The plan was to meet with friends but there were miscommunication issues considering they ended up at Clearwater beach instead. A New York style slice of cheese pizza eased the pain away. At the time, I wish the phrase out of sight out of mind could mirror how I felt on the inside. The clouds were grey and the raindrops came down hard on my way back to Orlando. I had a hard time deciding whether every exit should represent all the reasons to let you go or every reason you deserve one more chance. I parked in front of the house and noticed the driveway was in the process of changing. The house was painted a different color. Wishing I could brush over my feelings the same way the painter did. Before going home I had to pick up what I'll happily admit one of the best christmas' gifts ever. Thinking the conversation would be a hey how are you? Take care! I got something much more personal and valuable. It's a convo I hold close to my heart, it was the moment you said we're like family. I think about it every time I feel unbalanced. It's important to be surrounded by people that want to see you succeed. To confide in someone spiritually emotionally.. family or friend. Whether it's something that'll turn your crappy mood around or the hurtful truth you've made yourself blind to. "Sometimes you have to let life turn you upside down so you can learn to how to live right side up." You peeked over a stack of magazines and followed me outside. If you can't say the first thing that comes to your head while venting..You're venting to the wrong person! We drifted on topics from letting someone buy us a drink, wishing they could see themselves through our eyes, maintaining friendships, taking time to figure out what I truly wanted out of life to how important it is to making yourself number one and keeping it that way. Doing everything in our power to live life to its fullest potential. Discussing what is or could be holding us back..We came up with the same answer..Nothing! We both agreed to welcome positivity and happiness in our lives..with open arms!! 

At 14 years old I thought my first girlfriend would be my last. -NIP

Can you be in love forever? -NIP

Your bed smells like the last thing I was really good at. -NIP

If only that summer lasted forever. -NIP 

Not everything needs a reaction. -NIP

You only wanted me because I wasn't on you. -NIP

I liked you better on our first date. -NIP

With you.. NIP
To one of the smartest men I know my favorite line you ever said was "Nothing Is Permanent."







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