Happy hour!

July 3, 2017

You don't have to go home but you have to get the hell out of here. That's the first thought that comes to mind when the lights turn on at 2:30. Guys, girls, couples, singles.. they're all standing in the middle of the street. I imagine they're waiting on their friend that's the driver but for the moment is getting carried away with the 10 they just met. The hpnotiq i chugged in the parking lot was creeping up on me. (Thoughtful friends bring you a personal bottle of which ever alcohol you prefer by the way) My friends never want to eat after the club.. I don't bother changing their minds staring at the line outside the doors. What never changes is the first text message in our group chat if we don't stop.. "I'm hungry!!" Nine times out of ten we leave. For some reason I normally end up downtown on Wednesdays. I can't tell whether a drink is always nice in the middle of the week or if it's because Pita Pit is half off double meat every Wednesday. By 2:30 it doesn't matter Philly steak with double meat for me! White, green peppers, pineapple, lettuce, provolone cheese, tomato and lots of sour cream please and thank you to the kind man preparing my order. I'm gonna need a water cup for my pink lemonade too. Studying the couples I ran into downtown Orlando Saturday night I let my mind wonder how many different relationships I could've came across. I wondered who is together versus who is together for the night. How many people wondering can my ex be my next? Who got the call to come downtown because the main wasn't answering. Who didn't tell their lover they were coming downtown period. My question to those couples who are together today is were you searching for eye candy bouncing from club to club? Some will reassure themselves they've caught the worthiest fish in the sea. To the others that said yes..you're not alone. Blame your inner self..It does have a mind of its own anyway! My friends don't interfere when eye candy approaches but know the exact moment when its time to revisit the bar! (Why I like them so much.) And they know when to run up and chase off a not so tasty treat. When I threw my shoes off and rolled into bed I thought of the ways my night would've been different if I had a date. A joy I couldn't ignore was the fact of not having to keep anyone entertained. That's an endless pro going out with friends. You can enjoy a moment without having a one on one conversation or being attached at the hip. But dancing with a date sounds more appealing right? It's better than being alone, drink in hand in a room full of sweaty pairs grinding like we're in a music video. Wrong, the moment you accept going out can't always be about looking for the next best thing is an eye opener. If you think deeper will you find your soulmate at the club/bar? I think they're more designed for playmates. A night on the town with friends wasn't always how my life was. Daily routines are so exhilarating! Said no one ever. I was content with taking on new adventures. Old ways bring change into my life. Said no one ever!!














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