Chance, Risk, Forgive Repeat

July 5, 2017

A possibility of something happening that's the definition of chances. Old friendships that faded into the background are slowly starting to come around again, I've decided to give it another chance. When I give you chances it's not about who is right or wrong. I wish I had a genie each time I handed out another chance so the genie could ask me "Are you sure?" 

I saw your potential and it was hard to throw that idea away. Anyone can have a slip up.

What are the factors that play into forgiving someone/giving them another chance? Do you consider how much of a role they play in your day to day life? How much you love them?

A situation involving exposure to danger, harm, or loss is the definition of a risk.

Why do we give people chances? Or forgive them? Since you're starting over they'll change..even better transform into the person you want them to be! Once they've crushed the trust is it worth rebuilding? Would it be less painful to treat it like it broken glass? Or should you take a risk? 

Listening to pay phone by Maroon 5 it was impossible to ignore my mind reminiscing on the bubble we lived in for so many years. "Still stuck in the time we called it love but even the sun sets in paradise." If I met myself years ago today I wouldn't have liked myself. I wasn't acknowledging the reality of peoples feelings. Was I selfish? Yes. Was I reckless? Yes. Ten times out of ten am I only human? Yes. I simply don't agree with things I did in the past now. It narrows down to having a change of heart.  My mom and I got into an argument about something that wasn't in our control. After not talking to my best friend for an entire 24 hours she asked if I forgave her..of course I did. The action or process of forgiving or being forgiven is forgiveness. Don't beat yourself up for ending back at square one! Consider it a happy mistake, no regrets. If you decide to give it another go make sure your heart is the number one priority. Don't make it anymore about them than it needs to be. It takes a brave soul to forgive not everyone is capable of acquiring such an amazing quality. What good has ever come out of resentment? If you let your past define you what room is left for improvement? Life will always have its ups and downs in all aspects.. work, family, friendships and relationships. Never forget you are in control of your happiness and destiny!

(P.s I hope everyone enjoyed their fourth of July!)


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