July 9, 2017

Reaching out to an ex can mean one of three things. You can't stop wondering what if, you're coming back for seconds. Mostly thirds. Or playing games is one of your hobbies. I don't see you, I don't call you then you call me. Where have you been stranger? What are you doing? Who are you doing? Do you think of me? Or us? The legendary it's been a minute conversation. A distraction looking for a reaction having a hard time admitting what they really want to say. I want that old feeling back. Once upon a time I was confiding in you spiritually, emotionally and mentally. How could my heart build a wall for something so familiar? Whether the relationship was weeks, months or years our hearts never pay much attention to time. Is it possible to be just friends with your ex? I didn't realize you were becoming the first person I talk to in the morning including the last voice I heard at night. Homie, lover, friend like the old days. Getting caught up thinking this time I was being careful. Carelessly falling back into old habits with you was comfortable, refreshing and nerve wrecking altogether.  Should I state the do's and dont's in the beginning of take twenty on our situationship? Or do I wait until lines get crossed? If any exist. How many times have you personally drew the line? "If I hit it once I can hit it again." Why would I say no? Don't get me wrong there's different situationships. I've experienced the one sided come over are you ready to see me now? I chose to give them the run around. I've experienced sex thinking this first time is enough to stay away. Last but not least the agreement to keep benefits on the low for the sake of keeping our options open. Reminiscing is one of our favorite topics. Whether it was the time you convinced me to hit 120 mph on the highway or flashing back to sleep overs that involved no sleeping. Falls under a question I've asked in a previous post..can you see someone the same once you've seen them naked? There's a fragile thin line between lovers and friends. Does how long you were together matter? The break up?

I've always wondered how do you end on good terms with an ex. I guess if the feeling is mutual it wouldn't be difficult. "If we didn't work out before we never will." I understand it is possible to leave everything behind and start fresh. But can you really start fresh with someone you've loved more than yourself at times? Tonight I asked at least five people and I got one yes. Moments passed and he confessed it causes too much confusion so he had to pause. I also got "I thought I could but I couldn't." The funniest response I got was "no, never. I don't love you I don't want to be with you once you're out of my life stay out!" It's safe to say it all depends on the type of relationship you've had with your ex. Another thought can you remain friends once you've started a new relationship? If you've never gave your new significant other a reason not to trust you is it foolish for them to want you to cut all ties with your ex? 

(I want your opinions on this topic feel free to comment below!!)





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