Who said the boss was off limits?

July 29, 2017

Who knew screwing the boss had its ups and downs?! I wish I had a captain kid smoothie for every time I heard someone say don't mix business with pleasure. At the time I wasn't in the position to relate, according to my title never say never. I was sucked in with a simple line, how can you text me without having my number? Work should be a getaway, we must invest our time in jobs we enjoy going to. A place we can temporarily ignore our problems, concerns and everything in between. Eye candy is a cherry on top. 

Sneaking in for a kiss while we're alone makes it taste that much sweeter.

Discussing my availability quickly turns into when is the next time you can do the thing that I like. My breaks used to be spent debating between five guys, pizza, firehouse or panera until it got replaced by sitting on your face. I have to look presentable, there's four hours left on my shift. Don't touch my hair! Requesting days off just got a whole lot easier!

The stack of hotel keys in my wallet wasn't noticeable until I took my Id out to enter a club. I found myself wondering where my love life was heading sleeping with my boss. In disbelief I waited for the bouncer to wrap a wristband on me. I ordered a crown royal with cranberry eager to meet you at another tonight once girls night ends. All the different cities and hotels were starting to look identical. The green light flashes as I swipe my room key at two am. A short discussion involving my day, whether front desk gave me a hard time lending out the room key and complimenting the undeniable scent of alcohol. I kick my shoes off, let my hair down and sit on the bed. My version of a two minute warning. We skip foreplay, playing music in the background and take it off. 

The con appeared on the days I didn't want to see you. Unfortunately there's no way to dodge this bullet knowing you'll be the one to lead the meeting. Not including my go to person if I had any questions. Meeting up out of work was becoming a daily routine. Seeing you at work as well gave me a sense of something more than messing around. Which I wasn't ready for.
Factoring in our love lives outside of each other a relationship was impossible.

Reminding myself I wasn't obligated to spend so much time I let distance work its magic.

I was never hesitant on the idea of you possessing what you wanted. It just wasn't going to be from me. Not if..When the fling fades they'll begin to vex you. Being reminded of your past thinking of your future. Who wants that? Being friends with benefits no longer tickled her fancy. NIP


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