Damned if I do ya, Damned if I don't

August 1, 2017

When it comes to taking a chance with someone that's intriguing your pride will have to take the back seat. Waiting around for a message that could never be typed or taking the initiative to send a message first. Which scenario sounds better?  If their persona is captivating enough you won't think twice about something as silly as sending a message. There's nothing wrong with starting a conversation first or a simple phone call. Worst case scenario they don't answer or you could turn their day around. How can you know the outcome if you don't eliminate the what ifs?

On the first date we tend to feel like everything must go according to plan. Paying attention to every detail could drain you. Overthinking first impressions happens daily. What we wear, how our hair looks, if our breath is on point down to if we think our shoes are clean enough. 

What we fail to realize is the best memories are created when we carelessly go with the flow. On our first date I came home with my cheeks hurting..guess that was my consequence from smiling all night. Happy go lucky is the theme when a new fling begins. Hanging out, text messages the conversations endless. I wasn't a fan of talking on the phone for hours until I met you. 

Stay away from the ladies and gents that want to disrupt your piece of mind. A distraction that doesn't want anything more than your attention. They refuse to provide a relationship but get in the way of someone else trying to give it. They want you to themselves while having a basket full of options. They're experts in accidental love that results in nothing but memories. As time goes on their true colors will show and you need to believe it the first time. Always remember someone that is into you won't give you the option to chase them! 

I've always avoided the what do you want right now as topic of conversation. It wasn't until recently I realized the importance of it! Stating what you're looking for in the beginning can avoid leading someone on or heart break. Believe it or not it'll ring a bell if your investing more after they told you they're not looking/ready for a commitment. Nobody likes to be thrown in the deep end without knowing how to swim.


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