August 3, 2017

There's successful people all around us..on tv, social media, newspapers. We imagine the mansions, jewelry, fancy cars, wealth, fame, fans. What we don't envision is the blood, sweat and tears it took to get to the top. 

Ideas come and go throughout the day. Some would be invented in a perfect world while the others could happen if you set your mind to it. 7.5 billion people on planet Earth who would invest in your idea? Turn it into reality while making you a fortune. Good news, you know who will give 110% into your invention. The person who will hustle, sacrifice and have faith from day one. Whether your idea came from a presentation or scribbles on a piece of's you! Day dreaming is free..doesn't require movement, talking, let alone thinking. Presenting your idea with a plan, goals and future hurdles will  show your potential investor you know the real world can chew you up or spit you out. 

Never compare your wins and losses. You may be able to relate to a competitor on more than one topic but your stories will never be identical. You can never go wrong with pushing yourself to your fullest potential. Jumping into long term goals can feel overwhelming to achieve thinking of the obstacles in between. There isn't an age limit on setting short term goals! The more you focus on every aspect of what needs to get accomplished the more sturdy your boat will be in the long run.  

Advertising "Nothing Is Permanent" I was convinced only close friends and family would keep up with my blog. A fan base was a filling dream until I remembered I don't write for others. Jotting down my thoughts has become a getaway, somewhere I can express myself uncensored and carefree. Thinking about the next topic is always exciting, I never think twice about adding in my personal experiences. The more people can relate the better, if I could prevent someone from making mistakes I made then so be it! The first week I made this blog topics were spilling out of my mind all day long. That's when I knew as long as I'm giving 110% there's no room for negativity or self doubt. Positive feedback, shares, likes and comments is a plus!  

Believing in yourself can be a roller coaster. There will be days your brain is filled with 

impressive ideas and others your brain is vacant. On days you feel your at a stand still your idea will seem unreachable, unrealistic. That's why it is key to invest our energy into a creation or idea that will bring that hunger back into the picture. You have to remember why you started..rekindle the passion. You might have to do it more than once and that's okay! Giving up after your first hardship is foolish..don't let the world spit you out. Make them chew you up until they have no choice but to acknowledge your creation..until they choke on it.


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