Red wine for dinner, Vodka for dessert

August 8, 2017

I was having a conversation with my empty stomach when I got blessed with a text. "Having a bbq in an hour if you wanna come over" I overheard the thunder say what barbeque? I held my hopes high hearing my stomach growl. I jumped for joy right into my closet and pulled out black jeans, Adidas, a cream hoodie and a jean jacket. I only knew the people who were throwing the barbeque how could I enjoy myself surrounded by strangers? They turned out to be friendly, funny and open minded all at once. They were 30+ and a good time!

Love interests became the topic of conversation and we discussed the do's and dont's of a new lover. Along with the satisfying advice of the older we get the easier it'll be to notice someone is full of shit. We shouldn't be creating a boss, they should already be one. You can't build your man, he must already be one. You can't teach your girl how to be a lady, she should already be one.

A statement sparked my mind from dosing off in the middle of my second hotdog. "Technology changes everything." He started his opinion with "its so easy to cheat now. With social media its easy to find someone that only wants to have sex versus back in the day where you had to put in an effort to sneak around. Everything is at your fingertips now." I'm not sure if fuck buddies existed back in the day but I know for sure tinder didn't. Let alone the weirdos looking for a third person to join their monogamous relationship. (You should be single)

After my phone died the real experimenting began. When I go to a bar wine is my last resort but at this party there were too many options to stay in my box. Getting wine drunk wasn't in my plans! I agreed to meet with girlfriends downtown after the bbq. Accepting I was going to be a party pooper I filled my cup with Titos vodka and ginger ale to wash the cabernet out of my mouth.

Shoving pretzels down my throat and staring at the moon I thought about technology corrupting childhood memories. I am blessed to have a real one comparing what it's like to grow up in todays generation. Minecraft, Roblox, YouTube videos..have taken over! I nearly hurt myself trying to figure out when watching someone on YouTube build their world on a video game was more enjoyable than being outside with friends. Even if there wasn't much to do staying inside was never an option for me as a kid. I wouldn't change eating breakfast getting dressed and

jumping my grandmas fence to hang with friends. Whether we were riding our bikes around the neighborhood, playing football or sitting on the porch all day. Sunrise to when the street lights came do it all again tomorrow.

I left the barbeque full of alcohol and food. Somehow my phone got plugged into a charger. The first message that popped up "Come over my girlfriend is out of town." Technology does change everything.





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