Concealing your incorruptible dream but it's already behind you.

August 17, 2017

You lost connection with a close friend, you run into each other and try again. Your relationship didn't succeed and you feel as if your getting the chance to make a first impression again. When you want to press play on a life you paused because complications got in the way. Can we repeat the past? Is it worth it?

Mixing your past with your present will only intensify why it never worked out. Obviating someone you once adored is easier said than done. (I know) If loving you and them at the same time doesn't seem to work your better off alone. If you list their pros and cons and cons wins.. it's for the best. Once you find yourself saying their name more than your own. You can do bad all by yourself! 

I was watching "The Great Gatsby" and if you've read the book or watched the movie you know how these thoughts came about. Gatsby met the love of his life before being sent off to the war. Love letters weren't enough for Daisy to wait. She married a rich man and bathed in the luxury he brought into her life. Little did she know Gatsby kept her close purchasing the mansion across the bay from her home. A green light at the end of her dock mocking how close she was but yet so far. Throwing extravagant parties every night to hopefully run into her. Falling in love changed his destiny forever. She was a part of his every idea and decision. After five years of lost time, Daisy blossomed into a cheating wife and self centered New Yorker. Not a single flower sent to his funeral or an appearance at his funeral. If you've never read the book Gatsby gets murdered because of her all while their plans of getting back together is unfolding. Her way of coping with her loss was disappearing with her husband. I would say two can keep a secret if one of them is dead but their affair was no secret. 

There is nothing to be ashamed of if you spend a portion of your day reminiscing on events that occurred in your life. Memories are crucial when it comes to narrowing down what you want and wish to avoid! Living in the past is a waste of time and bittersweet. You only hold yourself back trying to find ways to include your past with your present. It is meant to stay there! Every human you come across is a blessing or a lesson. 





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