If you don’t give it your all you’re only cheating yourself.

October 6, 2017

Effort.. A vigorous or determined attempt. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word effort? For me it's relationships. But there is so much more to life than relationships! We utilize effort in almost every aspect of life! Of course, there are areas that require more attention and others we ignore until it blows up in our face. When it comes to prioritizing your effort dedicate your energy to what you feel is important to you. Listening to what others feel you should make an effort to will only add unnecessary stress onto your plate.

It's easy to get caught up in your life. Dealing with your own problems, experiences and emotions. We tend to forget we have people surrounding us that would love to be the shoulder we cry and lean on. Not too long ago my mother had surgery. My step father and grandma were there for her watching over the house and helping in any way possible. It wasn't until I had a one on one with my mom to sadly admit I wasn't being the daughter she raised me to be. I wasn't playing the role she'd be playing if the tables were turned. Family is an area of life that requires consistent effort. It's second nature to be in the house with your parents, relatives, siblings and go on about your day. Its another thing to connect and be active in each others lives. We don't choose our family members.. we're blessed with what we have.

I have the pleasure to admit my best friend has never put me in the position to chose between our friendship or a relationship. She doesn’t have jealously issues about me having other friends. We’ve lost contact before but we pick up where we left off, that’s why I love her so much. A true friendship is effortless whether you talk every day or once a week. I’ve always felt confused about friends that feel a sense of power to tell you who you can or cannot spend your time with. “Why do you like them? I don’t. You barely spend time with me anymore you’re always with them.” Toxic friendships exist! Avoid feeling like you’re in a relationship with your friend and cut them off!!  

Knowledge is power. Does it fall in your lap? No. Can you buy knowledge at the super market? No. Was it pulling teeth to get through high school? If you refused to to be active there is no diploma in the end. College is just as important. No one is going to do the work for you! You have to motivate yourself and break barriers every day. Educate yourself in and out of the classroom. Your career is in your hands! You cannot expect to open your eyes one day to all of your goals accomplished. If there’s no effort being made it will show. There is no escaping disappointment the day you realize all the time you’ve wasted. Take yourself back to a moment in time when you were in a slump. How did you feel? What emotions do you feel looking back on it now? Relieved, Grateful, Accomplished. When going through a slump unfortunately there is no time limit to know when you'll be out. As cliche as it sounds you have to want to better yourself. No one can take care of you like you. No one is going to love you the same amount as you love yourself. Making sure your effort is consistent in the self love department is crucial for the progress yet to come! Some days are harder than others. These are the days you remind yourself why you started this marathon!  


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