Another life to live.. Hello freedom.

October 9, 2017

To me personal freedom means being 100% me. Without seeking approval from friends, family, peers, strangers.. anyone. Not thinking about what I want to say, how I dress or my beliefs. Not letting past experiences or emotions get in the way of moving forward in life  feeling hurt. 

Having the opportunity to find my purpose in life without conforming. Whether it be family or friends. We are easily influenced by people we surround ourselves with including the ones we love most. It takes courage to remain on our path to build the legacy we want to leave on Earth once we’re gone.   

Letting go of feelings of failure. We free ourselves to give our all into hopes and dreams. No matter how much you believe in yourself.. what good does accepting failure do? You’re holding yourself back of reaching a higher level of being. From reaching your full potential! Lift your spirit by thinking positive thoughts-choose love through all of your actions.  

Once we let others speak/think for us our inner voice looses confidence and power. Going through the motions of life making decisions based on others would be an insult to the ones that have passed. We get blind sided to what we want for ourselves. We ask ourselves how can I please myself and them too? Simple.. drop them. Not out of your life, out of your freedom. Every day you make yourself your number one priority. Do activities that make you happy, think creatively, expand your mindset and channel your inner being. You get one shot out of this whirlwind called Life. NIP 

We don’t want to become the weak minded that don’t speak up for themselves, can’t think for themselves, cant make decisions alone and find shelter in conformity. We want to walk through life fearless and full of love! 


“Choosing our own aims and seeking to bring them to fruition creates a sense of vitality and motivation in life, The only things that derail our efforts are fear and oppresion” -The motivation manifesto 


What does freedom mean to you? Join me on the journey of reading “The motivation manifesto by Brendon Burchard!

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