Today I am the Guardian

October 14, 2017

Not too long ago I was blessed to get a new car. Sitting in the dealership I filled my mind with all the reasons why I shouldn’t go through with it. My corolla was nearly paid off, I didn’t want to start over, I had other plans to invest my money into. My mom on the other hand repeated “If I was you I would get a new car in a heart beat. You deserve it! You’ve worked so hard. When will you get this opportunity again?” The car was extremely similar to my dream car. I arrived at the dealership with a 2010 and left with a 2015. 


My birthday came around and I was focused on the events. I felt like everything had to be planned in order for us to have fun and keep it going. If not, my friends took time off and came into town for nothing. It took the same night I picked my best friend up to realize she didn’t come for no reason other than to make me happy. Not to wine and dine, club, sight see.. simply to be there for me on my special day. Day of we spent the day on a random “Tables beach” in the middle of nowhere. The sun, sand, the sound of waves crashing, sunscreen, publix wings, fruit, music and drinks. We talked about life, love, memories,blessings.. I will never forget what my brother blurted out of nowhere . “I deserve someone!!” I was alive. Soaking in every second enjoying my birthday surrounded by people I adore and adore me. 22 was one to remember!


When I reminisce on times I let life pass by I wonder where I was giving my time and energy. There is no handbook on how to live life. Dodge emptiness, frustration, distractions, negative people, getting heart broken, selling ourselves short, selfish people.. life is hard! On the second chapter of “The Motivation Manifesto” I’m excited to feel again.. soak in the beautiful moments life has to offer. Notice joyful moments along with the bad. Reflecting on my mental state when I first started this blog I’ve came a long way. Accepting reality and reassuring myself it’s okay to feel upset. What I can’t do is let it disrupt my goals, mood for the day including the ones I love around me. Day to day I never sat down and thought about the importance of living up to my full potential. Not taking the day for granted.. dedicating time to activities that bring me happiness. Expressing love through every action. Hobbies that awaken my highest self! When I lay down at night and think about what I’ve done for the day I can lay satisfied I didn’t feed into pointless conversations or activities. 


Below are inserts of “The Motivation Manifesto”. The five roles we can choose to play every day. Enjoy!


  • Observer - “We can float above our reality and view the totality of who we are in life and the minutia of how we are acting and reacting in the very moment.”

  • Director - “Mastering the role of the director requires us to be detailed in our intentions for each scene in our story. Playing the director of our own movie gives us the ability to choose our entire character and life’s arc.” 

  • Guardian - “Everything we consume becomes a part of us. We should be conscious of the information entering our minds. Let us be equally vigilant in evaluating the people we let into our lives.”

  • Warrior - “We must be bold, fierce, and unrelenting in chasing our dreams. Warriors don’t waste time in making decisions. Warriors do not await perfect circumstances to begin the long march to victory.” 

  • Lover - “They communicate from the heart and seek to enlarge the heart of these around them by giving them respect and empathy.” 

  • Leader - “Some of us fear taking a leadership role. But what is our excuse? In the final reckoning of our life’s legacy shall we explain to our Creator that He did not equip us well enough for the task? No. We must forget the excuses and remember our duty to serve something larger than ourselves. 


Which will you be today? 

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