Our day=Our choice

October 24, 2017

Each morning must be “This is our day no matter what!” With that being said don’t be afraid to say the magic word NO. Accepting every plan thrown your way feels great in the moment I agree. No one wants to be the party pooper. We want to be available when people need us, there’s nothing wrong with that. But there is a difference between adding tasks on your to do list versus changing your entire day to accommodate someone else’s needs. Remind yourself it’s okay to say NO. Prepare for the people that won’t like it.. their lives are not our responsibility. That’s when we’re going to refer back to being “The Guardian”. We shouldn’t feel guilty for protecting our sanity, freedom and progress. Until the day we die people are going to request our undivided attention. Surround yourself with people that won’t take it personal if you chose you time over them. Never compromise your path in life.  


If you wrote down every thing you did today can you say you took advantage of the day? Or did you let it pass? Was majority of your time spent being a couch potato or scrolling through your phone? I understand there are other apps on our phones besides social media but it’s so tempting to open the app when it’s at our fingertips. For example when we’re laying in bed checking Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook 5 minutes turns into 10, 10 minutes turn into 30. We spend more time online than with ourselves! In reality these apps do nothing but distract us.. they have no purpose. We miss the beauty in life that’s outdoors like the sunset, flowers blooming, the color of leaves changing.. the winds of change. Whenever I feel I’m spending too much time doing busy work instead of life’s work I ask myself “When I lay down tonight and ask myself what I did today that was productive and brought me happiness what will I have to show?” We all need the reminder our Creator did not give us another day on Earth to focus on the lives of others! The next time you’re free don’t catch up on social media. Ask yourself what can I do with my time right now that will fulfill me? Inspire me? Motivate me? 


I took a long look at myself in the mirror and asked “What do I want?” Out of life.. how can I contribute to this world? My first thought was a positive attitude. It’s easy to be a negative person, thinking the world is out to get you. Keeping your spirits high is the real challenge. My mission is to read more, educate myself and grow spiritually. Connect more with the people around me. I’m after happiness, health, and stability.. financially, mentally and emotionally. I want to soak in the moments of right now while also planning for the future. No self direction is the fastest road to self destruction. When I wake up every day I want to show the world I’m not afraid to be myself or take risks for what I believe in. The people I want surrounding me are those who choose love every day. Leaders that don’t aim for averageness. They don’t need or seek approval when it comes to their goals and ambition. No one walking this earth has reached success without a support system. Whether it’s family or friends..they think of them when times get tough and feel like giving up. My family will be my motivation to keep going. When I feel distracted I will think of this website to remind myself I can do anything I set my mind to. I won’t wait for the perfect circumstances to take an opportunity. I will jump and celebrate progress and mistakes along the way. I love who I am/becoming. Can you say the same? 


 The next chapter I will be responding to is called “Facing our demons”. I’m looking forward to sharing mine because nothing is permanent. Join me reading “The Motivation Manifesto”



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