Not Ashamed

October 30, 2017

Facing our demons isn’t the most welcoming title for chapter 3 in “The Motivation Manifesto”. When you read the word demons I want you to think of all the hardships you’ve overcame or still struggling with. Whether your battles are big or small they deserve to be acknowledged! Now I want you to list all the goals you’ve already accomplished in your life you thought you couldn’t. My list consists of running a mile under ten minutes, teaching myself a song on my guitar, getting a car before turning 20, eating escargot, attempting to go vegan for five days, letting go of grudges so on and so forth. Don’t be embarrassed we all try our best to deal with whatever life throws our way. “The allowance and repetition of doubtful questions is what stalls most people from living free and fulfilling lives. We develop character only through effort, struggle and learning. There is no progress if we’re constantly questioning our capabilities.” 


I’ve turned to faith when my niece was going through a rough patch, my grandma and mother going into surgery, the times my brother had to be rushed to the ER, a sibling falling into the pool. Time after time I count on a higher power to make things right. “We have faith when we endure sadness, suffering or loss and keep our wits about us, knowing that eventually these things shall pass and good things will return.” 


While reading a paragraph titled “Transform division with love” I thought about the countless times I let my emotions get the best of me. Angry, moody, upset, selfishness.. acting out any way my highest self wouldn’t approve. “Divisions ultimate victory is the moment we no longer see one another’s humanity. When we objectify, dismiss or disregard another individuals value and rights. Who have you been mistreating because of division?” I immediately thought of my grandma. For as long as I can remember I convinced myself me and her would never be compatible. Recently, she came for my mothers wedding. We told jokes, laughed, shared stories, silence.. quality time is priceless. The same day she left I thought to myself “I miss her already and can’t wait to see her around Christmas.” I realized I was shedding light on all of her downfalls as if I didn’t have any also. This time around I cherished all her pros like her sense of humor, honest advice, the best interest at heart for her family and her cooking. For example think of a day you woke up in a bad mood. You go to work, school, church it doesn’t matter the location anyone that rubs you the wrong way can feel the wraith. We’ve all had those days! Not too long ago I woke up in a terrible mood for work. I wasn’t aware of the grey cloud over my head until everyone started asking “What’s wrong?” Coming home for break lifted my spirits in ways I can’t describe. Heading back to work I felt extremely humbled and blessed to have people in my life that give love without effort. This may sound cliche but love is powerful. Love moves mountains. Love is endless. Love is free. “Love is in our nature and the most abundant resource in the universe, for it is created and lives in all things. All we must do now is allow it back into our lives and direct it toward others.” 


I believe tomorrow will be better because it’s another day I can call my own, get closer to my dreams, choose love and spend time with family. I will believe in myself after difficult days because I know they don’t last forever. Nothing is permanent 

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