Joyous Master in training.. until I die

November 11, 2017

Answering questions from the “Creating clarity” paragraph in “The Motivation Manifesto” was one of my favorite activities. “Which exact words do you want people to use describing you if you die? Who do you love? Why? How should you interact with them?” Family orientated, free spirited, humble, intelligent, creator, leader, hilarious, generous, ambitious. My family has been a priority in my life and the close friends I have is who I love. They listen without judging, motivate me, love me at my lowest and highest moments, available when I need a shoulder to lean on.. they simply make the world a better place. I will treat them with respect. Listen to their ideas without hesitation. Be present through tough times with an open heart, mind and arms so they feel appreciated while experiencing the best of who I am. When I want to lash out at those I love I will ask myself “If the roles were reversed what would I expect my highest self to do?”

“The Motivation Manifesto” opened my eyes to so many things! (It changed my life) A paragraph I will apply to my life every day is “The Joyous Master”. It describes joy as a daily practice, not an emotion. The Joyous Masters accept life’s challenges and honor them because it is expected. Firm believers in knowing every one will find their path so patience and love are their ultimate virtues. Most importantly the Joyous Masters know nothing comes easy but all things can be met with peace. “Life is a journey, a trying and exciting adventure whose destination matters less than the passion and freedom felt along the way.” -Brenden Burchard (THE MOTIVATION MANIFESTO)

To sense and amplify love, we do not need to love ourselves —though let that be our goal as well. This popular fantasy that we must first love ourselves before loving others serves no one, for it merely gives us permission to await a good day to love others. Should love be kept from anyone simply because we have insecurities? To give love, we must not only allow it to flow through us, not attempt to own it or sense some false completeness or personal perfection before exuding it. Love is Perfect; we do not need to be. It is selfish and silly to believe we must love every aspect of who we are to appreciate and adore any aspect of someone else.” -Brendon Burchard (THE MOTIVATION MANIFESTO)

It’s almost second nature to be there for people we love. But what if we love hard enough to be there for strangers as well? Don’t jump to the extreme.. because there is none. You never know what could change someone’s day or mood. You’re not guaranteed the truth let alone an answer when you ask “What’s wrong?” Maybe they’ll come around maybe not but their answer is not our goal. It’s simply to let him or her know we’re here and love them.

Has anyone tried to convince you that you need a mentor? It must be nice to receive someone’s opinion that’s unbiased, filled with only the intention and hopes of you succeeding. But who said mentors knew what’s best for us to begin with? Shouldn’t we be able to decide what’s right from wrong? Shouldn’t our minds decide what’s real? Possible to achieve? Overcome? We are in control of our emotions after all. The power of the mind is untamable. There is only one purpose in life.. TO LIVE. Experiences we create on Earth today and the days to come will last us a lifetime. We get a brand new opportunity to explore, achieve and create starting the very moment we open our eyes in the morning. Our ultimate blessing.  

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