Egomaniac introduced to panophobia

November 18, 2017

Giving into fear has no positive outcome. The more attention you give it, the more you feel it’s out of your control. It’s an illusion. Putting honesty on the back burner because you’re afraid of a reaction or consequences may come off as immature. Fear of rejection, fear of neglect, fear of hurting someone’s feelings, fear of being different.. these are all a part of life. Not to frighten us or keep us boxed in our comfort zones.

Our ego has a funny way of making us feel powerful. But it can also get in the way when we’re wrong. For example, a disagreement escalating quickly over different opinions. Something we’re all entitled to! We argue about things that are out of our control. Instead of agreeing to disagree, we do whatever’s necessary to prove we’re right. If your ego is getting in the way of any relationship are you stable enough to be in one? Your ego can play a role in dragging out meaningless relationships also. When it comes to separating right from wrong there is no grey area. “Wrong feels so right” is the quote we tell ourselves to justify unacceptable,reckless behavior. It’s a quote I became familiar with while in denial of infidelity. I kept people around I saw no future with. At the time, being honest with myself wasn’t important to me. It was about being selfish, having options and going with the flow. The thrill of wanting things we can’t have can make you do crazy things.

Perfectly imperfect humans tend to make situations arduous before bringing logical thinking or peace to the table. Of course it’s not intentional. Why do we do this? The importance of honesty has faded into the background! In relationships, friendships, at home even in the work place. When it comes to honesty why do we dance around the bush instead of being head on? We live, we learn, we all need the reminder everything that glitters is not gold. On one side you have ego on the other you have fear. Are you going to allow your ego and fears run you away from your truths? Remember, honesty has never gone out of style. 

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