Cheers to #35 the last of 2017

December 31, 2017

The worst news I've gotten last week is figuring out I'll be at work when the ball drops. My first thought was I'm calling out.. you only live once. A part of me felt betrayed coming face to face with adulthood. With this pain I called my mom and god mom. I was sure to see the light at the end of the tunnel with their guidance. My mom answers thinking something is wrong with me, little does she know there is! After sharing the horrific news she said "You can't start your day off upset about something so small. You had Christmas Eve and morning off. When you have your own business then you can have all the holidays you want off. I love you, bye." I called my god mom "Don't call out Yanina. You had Christmas Eve off that's a good thing." We agreed it's a plus I'm starting a business now so by the time I'm 100 I'll be set!


To my hopeless romantics missing the one that got away, an x, a jerk or someone you haven't even met yet keep in mind no one can take away what is meant for you. This is a season built for cuddles and mistletoe action. I would add Netflix and chill but luckily that is a year round activity. Being alone is not a bad thing. Yes, I did wonder if I was the problem in the mall surrounded by couples. Until I remembered Christmas cookies taste just as good alone. The holidays are enjoyable with or without the mistletoe/New Years kiss. This year I’ll be kissing 2017 goodbye with some tongue work. 


For my readers off on New Years Eve be safe but party hard! So much has happened to us all it's time to let it go. Embrace the moment and celebrate to another 365 days of opportunity. For the loners with no plans there is still time to change that! Don't be alone, the more the merrier. Everyone else that's working.. you are not alone! My plan is to have as much fun at work as possible. I hope you do the same and before you say "I don't want to be here" out loud know everyone else feels the same! I'll be coming home to start the party all over again the second I walk through the door.


Happy New Year! 

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