Which way is out?

January 16, 2018

Why do we give attention to people and objects we cannot have? I made a list that consisted a grand total of two things. The chase and possibilities. The reasoning behind the chase is self explanatory. Like a new pair of shoes, clothes, computer or phone. Every thing is better new! Think of a crush in that context, we're absorbing newness every moment. From their background, childhood, interests, hobbies etcetera. The only downside to the chase is nothing is permanent. Possibilities can lift our spirits in ways we can only imagine. I've held onto the thought of possibilities for situations that would never work in my favor. I don't want to rain on anyone's parade that is waiting for 11:11 on the clock. This is strictly for my readers that are repeating what if scenarios instead of acknowledging actions. It came to a point when I felt like I was making excuses for someone versus accepting they're just not that into me. The moment I decided I was going to base my effort on theirs the situation got easier to let go. 


You can hear in someone's voice when they're torn. Between two places, two lovers. "How is it fixing your marriage?" The answer shot out of his mouth like throw up. Instead in this scenario there was no alcohol involved, just a heart ready to move on without knowing where to start. "I feel miserable. Life is getting sucked out of me." "Why don't you leave?"  "I am the type of person that always considers others feelings before my own. I know she loves me. I see it in her actions every day. I don't want to break her heart again." The dilemma is his feelings disappearing. This feeling of uncertainty didn't come last week or yesterday. It has been weighing heavy on his heart for what sounded like centuries. When do you decide enough is enough? 


Without a doubt there is trouble in paradise. When our emotions for a partner vanishes rather abruptly. Does it make us bad people? No. It doesn't make us any less worthy of love either. Should we wait for the perfect time to confess the news? No, there is none. As harsh as this may sound we will hurt people we care about in our lifetime. It doesn't make it okay nor justify our wrong doings. Sometimes we're unsure of what pulls us away from people. I strongly believe our intuition doesn't play tricks on us.The goal is to avoid using people and cut ties when we decide this “Ok this person is not the one for me.” Remember love is perfect, we don't have to be. 





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