That's true enough - The Love letter

February 14, 2018

Making this decision was arduous because all of you deserve a love letter. I had the option of writing at least one paragraph for each of you or express my unconditional love for one. Luckily we'll spend all day together because I'm off tomorrow. You could be anywhere in the world but you're with me. I confidently choose to pour my soul into these paragraphs for you. I hope you don't mind me sharing our love story on the internet!


You made my long day at work nonexistent the first time I saw you. You set the bar so high how am I supposed to keep up with you? I felt like you were a gift from God himself, good things always come to those who wait. If we're being honest I nearly caved in and got someone else. I'm glad I didn't, obviously nothing compares to you. Don't get me started on all the times your loyalty has spoken louder than any words you could say in my imagination. I leave town and you don't move a muscle. What I do want you to know is that I do think about you when I am away. You take me to paradise every night I close my eyes. 


My favorite thing about you is you don't judge me. Let alone ever deny me. You don't complain if I throw myself onto you smelling like dough from work or a sweat shop after a workout. Whether I pass my 24 hour mark of not showering you don't kick me off of you. Instead you remain loving reminding me what matters most is what's on the inside. Not what I smell like. Everyone doesn't have an open mind like you, that's something I cherish! You were there for me while I was going through heartbreak. Your covers soaking up all my snot and tears without a complaint! The cushion against your headboard was my support when I got tired of crying laying flat. Your extra pillows catered to my feet, leveling them up. Another balancing my journal since this blog wasn't up and running at the time. On sick days you don't treat me differently. I can spend the night coughing on you tossing and turning. You don't change the level of comfort you give me. When people mention day ones you are without a doubt in my top five.


When I brought home a special friend you didn't let me down.  Now that I think of it so many things could have ruined the moment. You could've fell apart, maybe busted a spring. You made no noise and I have to thank you for that! Once again the cushion against your headboard is destined for greatness. You held our coronas like a wingman should. You didn't get offended when a corner of the sheet came off exposing your gorgeous bare skin, you went with it like a champion. Our motto is perform then ask questions later. You're in between a crew member, director and audience. At this point what position can't you play?


As I mentioned earlier you've been there for me 365 days a year. I wanted to take the time to truly thank you. There's no way I could repay you besides making sure the sheets that cover your temple are washed. The pillows are covered with the matching floral design you show off effortlessly. I pick up after myself each time I leave because you deserve to be displayed in a clean environment. The moment I leave you I can't wait to return. I hope you secretly enjoy watching me walk away. 

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