My first time day drinking

March 21, 2018

The preparation started earlier for some folks, me on the other hand planned the night before. I strolled around Walmart wondering which snacks I'd enjoy throughout the weekend. You can't go wrong with garden salsa sun chips. Alcohol was at the top of my list but I made the executive decision to add water bottles. I sat in the back seat wondering why I didn't wear comfy clothes from Florida to Georgia. It went by quick thanks to Pretty Ricky and songs from the 2000's. On the street of the hotel we saw a restaurant called "Snazzys hot wings". Looking up reviews on Yelp the restaurant was called "Snazzys hot wings and sassy things". I'm not sure why we were hysterically  laughing but we brought the word with us everywhere we went. When we got to the hotel we had some time to kill waiting on the last musketeer. A small dilemma was occurring in my inbox so I asked my girlfriends out loud "Is it a priority for you to shave your vagina every time you have sex?" I was with two other people but received a variety of answers. It depended on who, if you've had sex with this person before, do I mean a buzz cut or a bush the list goes on and on.  All in all, whatever floats your boat. 


The last member of the party arrived. Four girls, one weekend and two luggage carts. To kill time during check in the first Stella cidre was opened. Let the drinking begin! A banner was hung from the mirror in our hotel room "I love shenanigans". Green beads, green pins, glowing shamrock necklaces, matching lucky socks, shamrock cups, cup holders that say "liquid luck". That is the moment I knew this would be a weekend to remember. 


After showing no mercy to a crown royal bottle the Uber was called. Forgetting they wait a limited amount of time they canceled and we called another. Taking advantage of the extra time the shots continued. I'm the type of drinker that stops once my stomach is warm and uneasy. Imagine me chugging a water bottle in the back seat. The repeating thought in my head "Yanina you aren't even there yet. Pace yourself and brace yourself." Rain came down as soon as we stepped out of the car. I was wearing a white t shirt yay me. Thankfully it didn't rain long or hard enough to expose anything. Road blocks kicked us out of the Uber farther than we expected. On the bright side downtown was a party no matter where you went. We walked until we found the parade. I was soaking up the atmosphere, I never saw that much green in my life. Food trucks, beer coolers, green bodies, green hair in Savannah this holiday isn't taken lightly. 

Accepting the hotel breakfast wasn't the best we all decided we'd eat at 3 no matter who said what. I ordered beef empanadas with a side of rice and beans that recharged me in ways unexplainable. We enter the first bar and I'm handed a gummy worm drink. The bar was spacious with a live band playing. We swayed back and forth singing "Ready or not" by the Fugees. 


My favorite club had two levels. I found myself on the second getting my daily dose of rap music. I stepped into what looked like a cage and sang "Gods plan" by Drake officially living in the moment. It was gods plan for me to enjoy myself right? I drank a shot to crank it up a notch and improve my dancing skills. Sean Paul came on and I'm going to tell you it worked. Shortly after we moved onto the next bar. "Oh my god there's sunlight outside" my friend and I looked at each other and immediately start laughing. It was my first time going to clubs and bars that early. Another first I had on this trip was fried pickles! 


Fast forward to after dinner we all crashed in bed. Peach sangrias were the next best thing before the ride back home. Ghost tours next time, I'll make sure I bring everything green. I wonder where I'll end up next year on St. Patty's day! 


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