She wouldn't sue me but I asked anyway

March 28, 2018

"I was contemplating to make me a drink but I was like drinking again?"


"Who cares, we're off tomorrow right?"


"Yeah I said I'll just wait for Yanina to come."


"Here I am!"


"What is your biggest fear?"


"My biggest fear is dying"


"You're scared of death?"


"I'm not scared, everyone is going to die. I want my kids to be okay financially. If I die I want this house to be paid for so you guys can live here. If I'm gone and you guys aren't being close to one another. Not actually dying. What about you?"


"Probably being old feeling like I let life pass me by"


"You've done more things than I've done and I'm forty!"


"So I'm at a good start?"


"Hello! You've been places, you've done a lot of things I've never done and I'm forty. I don't know if you feel like you haven't lived life yet. What do you want to do sky dive? What do you wanna do that you haven't? Focus on that.. not living life.. you?!"


"That doesn't sound right?"


"It sounds ridiculous. Find another fear because you are 22 and living life."


"What's your view on friendship?"


"You notice I don't have a lot of friends"


"You never have"


"No it's because I've seen a lot of things that family members did to each other imagine what your friends will do. I have a hard time trusting people. I like to believe I have friends"


"Who are your friends?"


"You. Just because you're my daughter doesn't mean you can't be my friend"


"You're right. I am your friend."


"My mom is my friend. My husband is my friend"


"Ok" (laughter)


"Tisha is my friend"


"That's it?"




"I was watching videos and I came across this mask. An egg and cinnamon on your face. Want to try?"


"I don't trust that"


"An egg and cinnamon?!"


"What is it supposed to do clear me up?


"Give you a glow"


I think people come up with anything"


"And I saw one with toothpaste and honey. You see these elbows? They're disgusting"


"They're not disgusting mom"


"I haven't exfoliated these elbows in forty years"




"Toothpaste and honey I'm gonna do it tomorrow. Here, here and here. I'm going to do my egg and cinnamon face mask too."


"Tomorrow is a beauty treatment day. I'm gonna wake up early and make breakfast"


"What time? I'm going to the gym at 8:30"


"With who?!"


"My friend"


"That's a lie"







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