30 samples later, I need a nap.

April 10, 2018

The group wearing stripes wasn't planned, it just happened. I guess we wanted to find one another easily if someone branched off. I've been waiting for the 8th of April for quite some time considering Jerry Rivera was scheduled to perform at SeaWorld. We arrive at one wondering if the park is crowded since we parked in the back. Thanks to a coworker naming two tickets she gave me "Bitch Bitch" we got a disturbed glance from the employee scanning the tickets. We head towards Bayside stadium for the good music. Puerto Rican flags in the air welcoming us into the fiesta.


We split a lanyard to participate in the Seven Seas food festival. We're all hungry but our first punches are blueberry flavored brews. 3 down 12 more to go. It didn't take us long to find a favorite, empanadillas (empanada). We ordered one chicken, one beef, one pizza, and two empanadilla loca (with lettuce, tomato, mayoketchup and cheese). Well worth the punch because they were the size of my hand. My 5 year old niece asked for a bite of my empanadilla loca and it didn't take long for her to ask if we can switch. I took one more bite upset on the inside to give it up she traded her chicken with me. It was well seasoned but I was missing ketchup. After being made fun of for babysitting my beer I drowned it ready for the next round. 8 down 7 more to go. 


Arriving at the next drink station we ordered a passion fruit margarita, mango margarita and two frozen sangrias. 10 down 5 more to go. The original plan was to spend time in the kid section then return to the stadium by 3 for the concert. Glancing at my phone it was 2pm so we made ourselves comfy in the front enjoying the salsa and bachata that blasted through the speakers. My mango margarita was kicking in considering I was giggling at everything. My friend suggested we go back for another round to pass the time, I couldn't agree more. Same cart, 3 margaritas and 1 frozen sangria.11 down 4 to go. Dropping our drinks off with the others we turn around for food taking advantage of the free time. The first stop was a bacalaíto. Imagine a huge salted pancake but fried codfish. 12 down 3 left. 


Pork and chicken pinchos (Shish kabob) with tostones (Fried plaintains) grabbed our attention. Unfortunately they weren't included in our sampler so we kept it moving. We stop at the Brazilian market for their Churrasco Grilled Skirt Steak with chimichurri and garbanzo frito (beans). One of my favorite plates all day! We also sampled their cheese bread. 14 down 1 more. The stadium was crowded by the time we came back good thing the others were saving our seats. If I'm being honest I only wanted to hear 3 specific songs. He performed one so the concert was fun. Fourty minutes later we decided it was a good time to leave before getting stuck leaving the stadium. Dancing my way down the hill we looked for the next kart. We finished with 4 white sangrias and purchased another lanyard. They were so good we turned around for two more. 2 down 13 to go. Rainbow dippin dots brought my niece back to life keeping in mind the concert bored her to death. We sat in the kids area persuading her to get on rides. She said no to everything but the train and the carousel. If I'm being honest getting on top of my horse was challenging. A frozen drink called Antarctica chiller was a friendly reminder we were nowhere near done with our day. 4 down 11 more to go. 


The next stop was the German market for a sample of Paulaner Hefe-Weizen and Rose. The beer tasted like corona and after one sip of the Rose I was bound to throw up any second. I passed it to my cousin, I knew she wouldn't waste it. 5 down 10 to go. Next sample was a fish taco from the Pacific Coast market. Topped with cilantro coleslaw, pico de gallo and spicy remoulade, it was delicious! One bite into it I realized my stomach wasn't allowing anything settle except water. 6 punches 10 to go. Our seventh punch was bacon and cheddar hushpuppies that gave me a nauseous feeling but I'm sure it was the mixture of beer and wine simultaneously. Good thing my friend loved it. Number eight was a lobster roll that was satisfying. My niece surprised me taking big bites! She's definitely my brothers daughter. We found a frozen stingray beverage that had coconut vodka and a yummy pineapple aftertaste. 9 down 6 more to go. While my niece was getting her face painted as hello kitty we were by a group performing with a circle surrounding them. I love being Hispanic because bring the fiesta anywhere. My cousin jumps in the circle like the original show stopper she is. Everyone is clapping, dancing and laughing. My favorite part of the day! Slow roasted cinnamon pork was the next victim on our adventure of nonstop eating and drinking. 10 down 5 to go. Number eleven was a crab cake that reassured me why I love seafood. In my opinion they're both highly recommended. We ended our second lanyard with four frozen drinks, the best way. Two Kahlua mudslides and two Jack Daniels with lemonade. Before leaving we all touched stingrays in Key West. Seven Seas food festival was a success! Extended until the end of the month on weekends so enjoy because Nothing is Permanent!







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