I forgot Nothing is Permanent

April 16, 2018

Went for what I wanted without hesitation

At first you were everything I wanted you to be

You fulfill every temptation

Physically, mentally, spiritually


Uncontrollable fire in our first kiss

Our tongues synced speaking a language only for us

But you were never mine

I was willing to create a world just for us


Change, changes, changed

Wishing your actions were as satisfying as our memories

There is no need to take the blame

I made it easy to get a hold of me


Countless days I've wondered how different my life would be 

How'd you forget to teach me how to move on quickly and be emotionless

If I never took the initiative for you to notice me 

These are months I'll never get back, thanks for nothing


I've had these feelings before

Forgiveness take control

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