True Life: We're still being fed with a silver spoon

April 26, 2018

My mother and I compared and contrasted our lives. When I worked at the outlets I rode the Lynx when I didn't have a ride home which wasn't often. My mother walked 45 minutes to work and back every day. I got my first cellphone when I was 12 but the victory was short lived because of bad grades. My mom was 23 when she got hers, I'll be turning 23 in 5 months. I got my first car at 17. She got her first car when she was 23, I'll be turning 23 in 5 months. I started building my credit a few months ago. My mother started when she was 38. Majority of my life I've had my own room, privacy. She shared a room with both of her sisters until she moved out when she was 17 and pregnant. When we moved to Florida we upgraded from apartment to townhouse to house. The neighborhood is quiet and high school was fun for me. Before the beginning of a new school year, I was fortunate enough to purchase new outfits, book bags and supplies. Versus my mother wearing a uniform and the same pair of sneakers all year. My mom grew up in Puerto Rico and her environment was the complete opposite of mine. From 13 to 18 years old she witnessed people getting killed, falling off buildings, drugs being sold outside to bullet holes in her windows. Due to limited amounts of water the supply would get cut for two hours at a time throughout the day.


Going through adolescence Myspace was my Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook molded into one. I remember spending hours on the computer uploading pictures and changing my profile page. Considering I didn't have a cell phone my time online was limited and now I'm content with that. Time away from home I was exploring my imagination playing with friends, relying on them in times of stress. Which was most likely not being able to sleep over their houses. With Myspace at my fingertips I would have been distracted from being a kid. Sinek stated social media apps we use every day release a chemical called dopamine, highly addictive. The same chemical is released when we feel good smoking, drinking or gambling. All have age restrictions and consequences without self control except social media and cell phone usage. I don't disagree with Sinek, it does feel good when I receive comments and likes on my pictures. I'm hopeful my younger siblings will not see those likes or comments as acceptance from their peers, one like or one million.


I also agree with Sineks statement of millennials having instant gratification for mostly anything we want. My favorite example was Simon explaining how we've impressively skipped the stage of asking someone on a date. With a single swipe we know we're physically attracted to each other. "Now deep meaningful relationships and job fulfillment there ain't no app for that" maybe they're working on that for the future. Too lazy to go buy groceries? Download an app and someone will do it for you. Don't know when your period is coming? Period tracker app. Job hunting? Apply online. Need insurance? Apply online. Too drunk to drive? Uber or Lyft. A picture of your check transfers to your account within an app. Missed your favorite show? On Hulu the next day. Random question? Ask Siri. 


After 15 minutes of my life I'll never get back I asked myself "Was I dealt a bad hand?" In Simon Sineks perspective a millennial baby is anyone who was born in 1994 and after. His description of us was tough to manage, self interested, unfocused, and entitled. Once we obtain what we want somehow we are still unsatisfied. Does bad parenting, technology, impatience and our environment explain why this generation is misunderstood? The reasoning behind increasing suicide rates, accidental drug overdoses and low self esteem? My mom showed me the YouTube video after she called me a millennial baby of course. I am one year and 8.9 million views late. That was over a month ago and this lecture remained embedded in my brain. When you stumble upon something that makes you think and question your reality.. share it.


Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace





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