Is May over yet?

May 10, 2018

What commenced the week of fun was my uncles first gig DJing in Florida! After picking up a friend that was in town for the next 24 hours we head downtown with my parents. Surrounded by family and friends I pour my first drink. The clock strikes midnight and my uncle slowly makes his way to the dj booth. I let the drinks flow through me so I can move my hips without a care in the world! Let's be honest don't we all dance better tipsy? From beginning to end the crowd was vibrant. Standing outside the club for him there was a lady wobbling down the street and my mom says "Oh lord look how she's walking" my step dad says "She looks exactly like you". My mom turns around and yells "Becky don't walk like this nigga" She cat walked East Central blvd for five minutes. While waiting for the elevator at the parking garage a man flips face front on his bike... I hope he pedaled to his destination safely after that.


Due to my uncles accustomed nightlife routine we went to Vyce lounge his last night in town. He rarely visits and I don't open at work tomorrow count me in. It was my first time arriving at a club before midnight because my uncle wanted to purchase a bottle. My mom forced me to take an Uber downtown and at first I was bummed because the total came out to $20. Her line was "You're life is priceless!" The level of intoxication I was at was priceless as well. The music was off but an employee refilled our charcoal on the hookah. I accepted we weren't leaving anytime soon and sat down on a couch nearby. By the time we reached my aunts car my uncle passed out the second he fastened his seatbelt. I wish it was that easy for me! The bumps on I4 were making me feel nauseous and I felt like my aunt was going 100 mph. Throwing up was in my future, I felt it throughout my body. It was the first night I fell asleep with the light on in my room.


Lucky me, Cinco de Mayo is here! All my friends want to go downtown. I told myself I needed a day to recharge and hydrate myself. At work I received text messages along the lines of "What are you doing tonight?" "Let's go downtown" "Drink for me tonight" "Just letting you know I'll be downtown tonight if you go" The only text I replied to was the first one "Nowhere I almost died at Vyce the other night!" On my drive home my phone buzzed again "C'mon it's Cinco de Mayo why aren't you coming?!" I figured if I cared about the amount of alcohol I consumed I wouldn't end up in the same predicament. Just like that, the party went on. I have never seen downtown that crowded! Deciding which club to get into I watched someone get chocked, a man crying and jeans that were so tight the girl couldn't walk right. Two coronas in and I called it quits! All in all I was glad I went out.. friends make life better. 


The deciding factor that made me go downtown that night was the rain cancelling my Sunday funday. A part of me was glad so my life could fall back into regular scheduled programming. Until I realized I had to take advantage of my friend having a free day. We arrived downtown around 2 and strolled to Gringos Locos to avoid any disturbance in our drinking plans. 4 tacos and a quesadilla later we take a pointless stroll around Lake Eola since their bar is closed. The plan went as far as drinking mimosas until someone taps out. Our first mimosa was sipped in a quiet bar in Wall street. We cross the street for the next round and enter Swiggs. We found all the others, this was the place to be! Nice bartenders and good music what more could you ask for? Once we watched the champagne to orange juice ratio we laughed and cheered to what our evening will be like. Five rounds later food sounded like a good idea, Pita Pit here we come! Throw up was in the near future again but I don't clean and tell! 






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