The Now Or Never Offer

May 30, 2018

Was it convenient? Was it fun? A bad idea? The most I'd ever get out of you? A combination of all four. Throughout life we experiment what is best for our boat. Fueled by these trials we proceed without seeing errors. It's realistic to say everyone has tried or thought of having sex with no strings attached. We envision smooth sailing without worry. Rule number one, there are no feelings allowed. Depending on where you are in life that rule can be the best you've heard in a while or one of the worst.


When it comes to having sex with no strings we cloud the idea of our partner wanting more. Situations are easier to manage knowing we are in control. In control of future hurdles, possibilities even outcomes. We avoid the idea of wind forming waves knocking us off track. When it's out of our hands our minds wander about worst case scenarios. What will happen next, how can I avoid that? In hopes of viewing the shore.. reaching climax. It is best to state your intentions in the beginning to avoid blaming in the future. Perhaps what was expected down the road or the weight of a broken heart on your shoulders. Whether the discussion is had or not who is responsible if someone gets hurt?


Sex solely relies on physical attraction and connection. Think of the game Twister. We hold our position while reaching for colors with different body parts. Your sexual partner is the mat. Do what you're told and once you find their spot keep it there. Getting off doesn't require having unconditional love for one another. Let alone a girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse. There is no judgement if sex is all you bring to the table.The circumstances can vary on why someone is emotionally unavailable. Not being ready, commitment issues, to testing if the quickest way to get over someone is to get under someone else. No dates or check ins is what some would prefer. Why suggest more if you're receiving the sexual attention you desire without expectations?


 In the beginning it was fun and games of course. I felt excitement and freedom to come and go as I pleased. Playful without pressure. Who wouldn't want that? It kept us coming back for more until I couldn't hold my end of the bargain. Life has a twisted way of reminding us we cannot control everything. What happens to us, our families, who we fall for and love. It was the first time I felt I was in the wrong for growing feelings for someone. Was I wrong? Naïve yes. I contemplated whether to confess and overtime it spit out my mouth. I bit the bullet with no regrets. Sex with no strings didn't float my boat.






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