My first cougar crush

July 12, 2018

If only we had control over who we’re attracted to. Maybe life would be easier. “Why do I like him/her?” We’ve all been there. Sometimes we don’t want to have feelings for this specific person because we know our friends and family would never approve. Or this person embarrasses you but you love life with them by your side. For the people in this world that don’t have a “type” we figure out characteristics we enjoy in our partner through every new one. There is no black or white, we bask in the grey areas.


I’ve always pondered why some prefer older partners. Is it because they’re more experienced? More straight forward? Less confusion and games? They know what they want? The reasons shoot out to me as I type. Is age really only a number? My answer turned to yes in 2013, my senior year of high school.


I struggled in the subject she taught so I was an attentive student. That doesn’t mean I passed every test and quiz with flying colors. Test corrections saved me numerous times. Although one on one tutoring was something I looked forward to. At least I was learning from the best right?

I think those were the days I declared my fetish for long hair. The way it shined and hung down her back effortlessly. She was funny, intelligent and had good sense of style, what was there not to like? Class is much more interesting when you find your teacher sexy. Whether the chapter is on linear equations or polynomials.


There were days we witnessed frustration, every day wasn’t rainbows and unicorns. For example the day the entire class failed a quiz. The mood was tense from the second the bell rang. “Who feels confident about yesterdays quiz?” No hands were raised and her expression read sounds about right. Followed by an angry lecture I answered every rhetorical question in my head. “Am I a bad teacher?” “Hell no babe.” “Should we re-do the chapter?” “Hell no babe.” “Homework tonight is test corrections.” “You got it baby” Her orations always made me wonder about her reactions to anger outside of school related topics. Did she still look this good?

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