Back to life, Thank you

November 17, 2018

We became best friends the day we met as children. You are the cousin I can't wait to see at family gatherings. You are the only person I enjoy matching with even though it isn't planned. As kids we fantasized about experiencing life side by side and I think we've made that a reality. I think your move to Florida was extremely brave of you. There's people who have resided in one place their entire life because they're afraid of change. You on the other hand moved 1,041 miles away from your mom and sisters. I can only imagine how difficult that is but it's been over a year and you're still standing! Thank you for showing me taking risks is necessary in life! 


Countless memories flow through my mind as I type I don't know which to thank you for. For my sake I'll say all of them. I cherish every single one and reminisce often to make myself laugh. I want to thank you for always being who you are. You're unapologetic in the best way! No one gets along 365 days a year. Yes we've bumped heads but who doesn't? What's true about opinions is that every one is entitled to one. Like it or not we're taking something away from each others two cents. Not everyone is a good listener but you make it seem so easy! You give me your undivided attention whether it's a story I'm repeating or a new drama. Thank you for listening.


When I told you I wanted to start a blog you did nothing but motivate me. More than fifty posts later and I still read every post to you before its published to the world. You remind me to get back on my feet if I haven't been writing. You share without being asked to and I appreciate your good intentions more than you'll ever know. I'm one hundred percent sure if I told you we were taking over the world together you would say when. Thank you for supporting my ideas and decisions. 


Going through the darkest moment of my life I never felt alone because of you. You gave me a shoulder to cry on without making me feel weak. You went out of your way to truly care for me and constantly remind me everything was going to be alright. That life keeps going and time heals all.  You never told me I was wrong for feeling how I did, you didn't get annoyed if it was all I talked about. If I wanted to stay in and watch Grace and Frankie on Netflix you joined me and I don't even think you liked the show. If I wanted to walk around for fresh air you tagged along to keep me company. You would think since we spend so much time together we appreciate time apart. We text the moment we part from one another. I'm fortunate enough to have a cousin, friend, sister like you. There isn't enough words to truly describe how blessed I am. Thank you Leila, for bringing me back to life.




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