Finding my rhythm

March 13, 2019

"Everyone is working on a new station today." I had two options.. be nervous and focus on everything I don't know about sauté or give my all with an open mind. Learning on the way is more important than stressing. I was hesitant but I knew it was time for the change. It came to the point where I wasn't learning anymore. In the kitchen I never want to be stuck, I want to be a versatile. 


I dive in peeling boniato potatoes first, a white sweet potato. While they're cooking on my back burner I grab my blood orange vinegar to begin the reducing process. Add heavy cream and repeat.. butter goes in last to thicken it up. I empty a box of crab meat, peppers and cilantro into a bowl and mix it. Fast forward to service the sweet beurre blanc is surrounding the rim of my plate. Bias cut asparagus rests on top to provide that crunch you may be looking for. The boniato mashed takes up the middle of my plate. A seven ounce salmon rests on top of that mountain. Rare, medium, medium well the choice is yours we do it all! My crab salad is mixed with arugula. If you've never tasted arugula before imagine a strong bitter taste with a hint of pepper. It all hides underneath a fried egg. Last but not least the garnish is fried asparagus.


The hardest part about working sauté is staying on top of starting a dish once it comes in. There are so many specifics once your creating flavor along the way versus heating something  premade in a pan. But that's what makes the station fun and unlike any other. When demand is high it's difficult to keep your mindset positive but it isn't impossible. There isn't a better feeling than getting through a nights service with no food coming back. It's shocking what can be done when you remain focus and give one hundred percent. I believe one of my best qualities is remaining calm and keeping tunnel vision when the controlled chaos is happening around me. One of my first nights on sauté we did over one hundred covers. My first thought was "I survived?!" Before I was terrified knowing sauté would be my next station because everyone described it as a beast. I reminisced on all the nights I got chewed up and spit out on apps. I felt like it couldn't get any worse than that. It didn't happen overnight but I did create a rhythm that made it look easy. That was my plan moving into sauté. It may not happen today nor tomorrow but I know it will come naturally. When we start a new journey it's easy to say no or think negatively because we're unsure of what's coming down the line. That reason alone should be the reason we say yes. To become better and surprise ourselves. The sky is not the limit, there is no limit.


Below are pictures of other dishes I've made while on sauté. Eat with your eyes.. Enjoy!







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