Love Them Anyway

December 23, 2019

I never related to divorce stories because my father was absent my entire life. But my mom did get married. Her wedding is one of my favorite events I've been apart of. Keeping up with everything to do there's no other word that comes to mind besides beautiful chaos. Long story short things changed. At first it was difficult to deal with because I didn't want to do anything separate. Overtime I accepted I could still maintain the relationship we built over these years. Even though they didn't work out I will love him anyway.


Change happens without warning and that can be the beauty in it! I was nothing less than bummed receiving the news that one of our best put in his two weeks. At first I didn't want to believe it! He wasn't with us long but the strong, positive impact he made on the team was undeniable. His work ethic, knowledge, willingness to teach, organization easily made him someone I could turn to for guidance. My favorite answer from him was "There are no stupid questions in the kitchen." With his final work day approaching I was almost angry he was leaving us! I loved him anyway. The other side of me saw an opportunity. Someone else would have to step up. Do whatever needed to be done and the right way. Never replace, just fill in the shoes. Change was in the air.


Speaking of change I experienced a wake up call this Christmas. It was a hard pill to swallow but necessary because I didn't realize all the baggage I was carrying. In other words people are going to live their life the way they want. No matter if it's good decisions or bad. You can want the absolute best for someone but if they don't want it for themselves it can be frustrating. I wonder "What will it take? For her to open her eyes and realize those cigarettes are deadly!" Sometimes your own family will put you in predicaments to push yourself away. Don't. All you can do is be the best you can be, offer help and express why you feel the way you do without disrespecting. I will only get one grandma. We will only get one family. Love them anyway.









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